M.O.R.E. Medical Office Residual Equity

Are you a physician that owns your own building?

We’ve specifically developed M.O.R.E. with you in mind.

What is M.O.R.E?

The term M.O.R.E was originated by Thomas Park and is an acronym for the phrase “Medical Office Residual Equity”. The M.O.R.E program is a structured investment vehicle that provides owners of medical office buildings with a tax efficient way to cash out on their investment. We use a mixture of Preferred Equity and Participating Debt to incrementally buy-out a building owner in a tax efficient manner.

Who is M.O.R.E best suited for?

M.O.R.E is best suited for physicians and group practice networks that own the building they occupy. The typical M.O.R.E partner falls in one of two buckets:


A group practice that has differing long-term views of real estate ownership

  • Physician 1 owns the building his practice is located in and is mapping out retirement.
  • Physician 2 doesn’t want to buy 100% of the real estate from Physician 1 but would like to own a piece of the building because they are committed to the practice for the long-term and understand the value of owning real estate.
  • M.O.R.E Solution: Physician 2 partners with Thomas Park to acquire the building from Physician 1 and now owns a minority interest in the building.

A physician that wants to cash out on owning his building but is cognizant of tax consequences involved in a traditional sale

  • Physician 1 wants to cash out on owning their office building but is concerned about the tax consequences of selling the building.
  • M.O.R.E Solution: Physician 1 partners with Thomas Park to sell the building incrementally over a three-year period that creates a tax efficient sale while providing Physician 1’s desired liquidity goals.

M.O.R.E. — Medical Office Residual Equity

Do you own your office building and think M.O.R.E could be a fit for your needs? Fill out our contact form so we can connect and learn more about your goals.

    Investment Criteria

    M.O.R.E. Program Property Criteria

    • Property Type

      Medical Office

    • Location

      East Coast

    • Type

      Off campus or Campus Adjacent

    • Tenancy

      Single or Multi-tenant

    • Price

      $2 - $50 million

    • Lease Term

      Minimum 5 years or willingness to restructure