Thomas Park Investments

Our Strategy

Why We Invest in Medical Office Buildings

Health Services Demand

Health Services Demand

The population in the US is aging and living longer than any generation in the past

Patient Spending

Patient Spending

The largest patient cohort also happens to be largest spender

Accessible Market

Accessible Market

Public and private health insurance has created the largest pool of insured Americans in US history

Outpatient Facilities

Outpatient Facilities

Doctors want to be located close to their patient base

Our Target Market

We are focused on acquiring real estate in the Amtrak Acela corridor that spans from Richmond, VA to Boston, MA.


The entire region is accessible within 90 minutes by car, train, or flight.


This is the most populated and urbanized region in the country with over 50 million residents.


This region contains four of the top ten metro areas for GDP output in the country. This area accounts for 3.21 T of the US GDP output which is 47% of the total US GDP output.

Investment Objectives

Return of Capital

Our primary focus is to preserve and protect our investors capital through the hold period. We do this by carefully studying our target markets and profiles of our partner tenants including their market position within their regional healthcare networks.


We believe our strategy can provide stable earnings and dividend growth through inevitable industry cycles with risk mitigation strategies and careful selection of target markets.


We acquire real estate with stable current yield in high barrier-to-entry markets with upside growth.


We strive to be at the forefront of premium healthcare real estate and are committed to delivering value to our partners. Ultimately we help our tenants by allowing them to provide the optimal patient experience.